Hacking Peace with E-waste

From Nov 20-24, the small mountain town of Salento, Quindio in Colombia was home to an amazing event — the second annual #PeaceHackCamp — where we co-led a workshop to design and build a 3D printer out of local e-waste. #PeaceHackCamp aims to accelerate a movement wherein the democratization of knowledge and technology is used as a way to intervene for peace through empowerment, social innovation, and entrepreneurship. The camp combines local… Read More

Joss in Aruba

Greetings from 10,000 meters everyone! I thought that while I have some time on my hands I’d share some thoughts about my experience working at Brenchie’s Lab. The first thing that comes to mind is to talk about the potential that the lab has. As many of you already know, I come from a Makerspace that is well established and very well equipped. In terms of the fab lab equipment, I believe… Read More

What’s Brenchie’s Lab?

I’ve been wanting to write something about what we’ve been doing at Brenchie’s Lab in Aruba, but I’ve had a hard time making time for it… until now. So here’s a bit of an explanation around some of the choices we made in setting up the space. Brenchie’s Lab is a digital fabrication space situated at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (AFAD) Aruba. The space was funded by UNOCA and… Read More

A Glimpse of His’ Jamaica

Why just a glimpse? Because words carry categorizations, concepts, and definitions of what I’ve been experiencing in Jamaica. Ironically, this is exactly the thing Jamaica had been putting an emphasis on during my stay: to let go of the descriptive. Just be. Experience. I’ve noticed, while scrolling around through the other blog entries on this lovely website, that spirituality is quite present among people here, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t have… Read More

Reading or Not

We think a lot about the internet as a tool for democratizing not just technology, but also skills, knowledge, and information. Since working in Kingston, I’ve been forced to rethink the potential of the internet in the face of illiteracy. Using the internet is highly dependent on your ability to read. Sure you could speak and listen instead, there are voice recognition and text-to-speech options, but can you honestly imagine using the… Read More

3D Printing in the Caribbean

We are trying to have a regular reflection on our work in the Caribbean. This time it will be about 3D printers, something we’ve been working on for a while and which always gets people super excited. We started working with 3D printers in Thailand in 2013, when Tony’s dad offered us his fairly unused Printrbot LC v2. Printrbot has been a great friend over the years. It’s kind of weird to… Read More

Likkle More, Jamaica

Before this summer even began, I knew that being in Jamaica for two months would be one of the greatest experiences I would ever have. Not only was I excited to go because of the work I would be doing, but I also knew that this trip would give me an opportunity to connect with my roots and meet sections of my family that I had never met before. While I was… Read More

His’ First Week

This is my first journey to Jamaica — my first journey to the Caribbean. I have experienced some hot weather before, but can’t deny that I was a little shocked getting out of the airport at Montego Bay (four hours from Kingston by bus), noticing that the sun was down and it was still… 30C° and stickily humid. But hey, I’m in Jamaica! The island with its contradictory beauty that I’ve been… Read More

Design Thinking

This week we started our design thinking workshop at Di Institute for Social Leadership. Our goal with the workshop is to gather a better understanding of the community we work with, and to develop a relevant program. We aimed at having a group of 5 people, and so far we have a team of four with two super active people. So Tuesday we started with a rapid immersion program following D.Labs’ “gift-giving… Read More

Jabari’s First Impressions

For as long as I can remember, Jamaica has been the one place in the world I wanted to go. My mother was born here, and ever since I was a child she has told me stories of what it was like living on the island and how much she misses it. While growing up, I created these fantastic images of Jamaica as I tried to envision what life must have been… Read More