End of March

It’s the last week of March and Jamaica has been treating us great. We are building up relations with the University of the West Indies, and making good friends, especially with Uche, the executive director of Di Institute for Social Leadership. Uche is a cool guy, he always walks around barefoot, and he’s super friendly and happy. We’ve also built a bond with a lot of the kids at ISL, the maker… Read More

A Month in Kingston

We’ve now been in Kingston for a month. I feel like at many points I’ve been missing out. I haven’t really gone out in Kingston, yet. In part because we still haven’t bought bikes– tomorrow I hope. Nonetheless I do feel a lot more at home now. Kingston is way more expensive than I expected, and seems quite dualistic in the sense that there only seems to be an upper class and… Read More

First Impressions

Jamaica is absolutely beautiful. As soon as you’re flying in, you’re struck by the beautiful blue mountains. Driving from the airport to Kingston, the ocean is calm and blue, the streets colorful and bustling and adorned by Mango and Ackee trees. Walking around everybody greets you with a friendly “bless.” At the end of the day the smell of ganja and the sounds of reggae and dancehall fill the streets as people… Read More