Brenchie’s Lab

Brenchie’s Lab is a publicly accessible makerspace in Aruba, located in the National Library of Aruba in Oranjestad. It is a learning space for students, artists, hobbyists, and entrepreneurs to share ideas and experiment together in an open and collaborative environment. The space is equipped with digital design and fabrication tools, expertise, and room for anyone to explore their own ideas and projects. Open weekdays from 1pm, feel free to drop by!

Plastic Beach Party

Plastic Beach Party is a community-driven effort to introduce plastic recycling to Aruba. Started through an open design thinking workshop, a wide range of community members engaged to brainstorm and prototype new products, experiment with working with plastics, and envision an organization to facilitate plastic recycling. Starting with the Precious Plastic machines, the mini-factory was collaboratively built by volunteers, and recycled over a tonne of plastic in it’s first year.

Sustainable Students Club

Following a community development approach, we started a student sustainability group at Colegio San Nicolas in Aruba. The group is aimed at supporting students to think about sustainability in a systematic way, and to guide them in planning and carrying out their own projects. We first showcased DIY clean-tech systems at the school to garner interest from students on clean-tech design and do-it-yourself technologies. The exhibition included: renewable energy (solar cooker) waste… Read More

DIY Fab Lab Workshop

In a collaboration with Ateliers ‘89 art academy and Colegio EPI technical school, we held a unique kind of workshop to build Aruba’s first fab lab with a group of 9 enthusiastic and creative participants. Together we set out to build, diy-style, 4 machines to equip a basic fab-lab-ish workshop to be made accessible to the public. These included a 3D printer, a CNC router, a laser engraver, and a fume filter…. Read More

Translucent Moon Art

Our first project in Aruba was a presentation of diy cleantech art. By the light of the full moon, we showcased four technologies built out of repurposed and natural materials to demonstrate the beauty of sustainability to the island community. On display (and in use) were: Pishi Hooiberg – a haystack urinal for reduced water use and nutrient recovery Moooon – a ‘lunar cooker’ built from a reclaimed fresnel lens The Water… Read More