DIY Fab Lab Workshop

In a collaboration with Ateliers ‘89 art academy and Colegio EPI technical school, we held a unique kind of workshop to build Aruba’s first fab lab with a group of 9 enthusiastic and creative participants.

Together we set out to build, diy-style, 4 machines to equip a basic fab-lab-ish workshop to be made accessible to the public. These included a 3D printer, a CNC router, a laser engraver, and a fume filter.

The workshop ran four nights a week for four weeks in October 2014, and was extended for another month to finish some things up. We ended up completing the 3D printer, re-engineering the laser engraver into a drawbot, due to technical limitations, and completing a basic CNC router. The fume filter was left for another day.

These are the machines we set out to build, along with the links to the designs we found on the RepRap wiki and Instructables:

RepRap’s Prusa Mendel (i2)
3D printer


berbefarac’s miniCNC router


Get Burnt’s Arduino laser engraver


Zach Radding’s fume extractor