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Don’t begin teaching another command right away. He is small and it might get confusing to him. Now that you’ve practiced the sit command, you can repeat it during meal times, or at times when he comes up to you for a cuddle. Command him to sit and once he does so—pick him up and hug him. He will learn that to ‘sit’ is a desirable action with desirable outcomes and he will most likely do it again. Point to remember: It takes 30 – 50 successful repetitions of a command before your dog will learn the command.

Be sure to be quick to reach the potty spot to avoid accidents. Once you get there and your dog does his job, praise him and take him for a stroll. When there is stroll outside that follows the elimination act, the 54 dog would most likely, do his job quickly in anticipation of the fact that you are taking him out to smell the flowers! Most of us tend to do the exact opposite. Usually we take the dog out and the moment he does his job we bring him back in again. Intelligent as the dog is, he quickly figures out that if he delays the elimination act then he would get more time to spend outdoors!

However, he can’t come on his own as yet. You need to work on that aspect today. Tip! If your dog doesn’t do his job, even after 20 minutes of strolling in the potty area, bring him in and lead him to the crate. Let him be there so that he can’t have a chance to mess up any other area and you can rest assured that after a night’s rest in his crate, he would be seeing the crate as his personal den that shouldn’t be messed up! Take him again after 10 minutes or when you can see signs that the calls of nature are raising their voices!

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