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By Perkins, George C.

Книга старой вышивки (1921)ПРИМЕРЫ :страница 1страница 2страница 3страница 4страница 5страница 6

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1843. dery, COUNTESS OF. The Art Needlework. ) 1844. (Truslove of WILTON, LEFEBURE AND COLE, A. and Lace. ) S. Embroidery 1888. nos jours. 3 supplements. ) 1890. siecle jusqu'a FOWKE, The Bayeux Tapestry. F. R. ) DAVENPORT, J. English Embroidered Bookbindings. ) 1899. H. , LEWIS F. Art in Needlework. ) 1900. Cox, REYMOND. L'Art de decorer les DREGER, M. Kunstlerische Entwicklung der Weberei und Stickerei. ) ERRERA, J. English Embroidery. Collection des broderies an- Madame J. E. ) 1905. BURLINGTON FINE ARTS CLUB.

The materials used, coloured woollen threads on a plain linen ground, recall the contemporary work volume by part England, but the design is far different, and unlike anything we should have done at the time, except in direct imitation of the French. The flat square box with open lid shown on plate 50 has heavy gold embroidery " " chinoiserie of the on a silk ground. The design shows a trace of the later years of the 17th century. The box may perhaps be Italian. in SPAIN AND PORTUGAL The embroideries of the Spanish peninsula character than the history of that land, so have been no less varied in fraught with change, might lead us to expect.

Another favourite article for the embroiderer's skill is the hood-shaped head-scarf, with two long ends (plate 86). The hair, dressed in two plaits, is bound round with these ends before being arranged on the head. In a volume of this character, 34 it is advisable, in the choice of illustra- tions, to take the subjects primarily from the point of view of their practical usefulness to the needleworker. scientific selection is therefore A out of the question. Many kinds have been omitted or inadequately represented, but in order to bring them in others would perforce have The art of the Far East has been deliberately immediate influence on the West.

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