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By Karsten Friis Johansen

ISBN-10: 0415127386

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Translated through Henrik Rosenmeier, A historical past of historic Philosophy charts the origins and improvement of historic philosophical proposal. for simple reference, the ebook is split chronologically into six major components. The sections are additional divided into philosophers and philosophical movements:
*Pre-Socratic Philosophy, together with mythology, the Pythagoreans and Parmenides
*The nice Century of Athens, together with the Sophists and Socrates
*Plato, together with The Republic, The Symposium and The Timaeus
*Aristotle, together with The Physics, The Metaphysics and The Poetics
*Hellenistic Philosophy, together with the Sceptics, the Stoics, the Epicureans and Cicero
*Late Antiquity, together with Neoplatonism, Origen and St Augustine.
This finished and meticulously documented e-book is based to make historical philosophical proposal and old thinkers obtainable. It contains:
*full references to basic sources
*detailed interpretations of key philosophical passages, together with surveys of earlier philosophical readings
*an evaluate of the advance of old philosophical thought
*discussions of the relationships among philosophers and their ideas
*analyses of key philosophical suggestions and ideologies together with ontology, epistemology, good judgment, semantics, ethical and political philosophy, theology and aesthetics
*explanations of Greek philosophical terminology.

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As previously mentioned, the oldest philosophers leave wisdom of life to the poets and speak about the world. But—to remember Aristotle—what makes them philosophers is that they do not confine themselves to asking what the world is; they ask why it is what it is. And they do not refer to some superterrestrial power or person; they do not speak of the god but of the divine; and to them it is the world that is divine. They abstract and generalize, and they draw conclusions from a general thesis. But although their subject is everything in nature—from thunder and lightning to the primary substance of the world— they speak as philosophers and not as men of science.

The early thinkers reacted against mythology, not against religion, and the transition from mythos to logos was not a sudden one. It was perhaps never completed. Far down in history religious concepts remain a part of the philosophers’ ideas. Many Presocratics apparently considered themselves as the seers and prophets of a new era, and it has been MYTH, POETRY, PHILOSOPHY 19 maintained that the earliest thinking should be considered primarily as a new form of noninstitutionalized religion. Nor should one believe that philosophical argumentation came into existence fully fledged with the first philosopher.

It has been said that in this way tragedy unites two aspects of early Greek poetry. As we know, tragedy prefers to take its matter from known myths and is performed in connection with worship (the cult of Dionysus in Athens). 18 MYTH, POETRY, PHILOSOPHY It will appear from this brief survey that old Greek poetry did not primarily aim at an aesthetic experience. The poet is a sage and a teacher who speaks—or pretends to utter— the truth. It must have seemed all the more scandalous that the teacher par excellence, Homer, in fact told of something far from truthful—of the gods, for example.

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