New PDF release: A Translators Handbook on Paul's Letters to the Colossians

By Robert G. Bratcher

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By means of my phasical sufferings may be expressed in some languages by a clause intro~uced by 'iflecause," for example, "because I suffer in my body" or simply "because I am suffering," in which case a verb for "suffering" should indicate physical suffering. Now ... 10,18). The relationship between Paul's sufferings and what still remains of Christ's sufferings is not easily understood. I am helPln~ to complete translates. eroo), found only ere m the NT. " The added preposition anti "in the place of" or "on behalf of" indicates that this is done in theJPlace of or on behalf of someone else.

9), undiminished, undiluted, and unshared with any "intermediaries" between God and creation. It seems preferable to say "God's full nature lives/ dwells in him" than to say "God in his fullness dwells in him" (compare TNT Brc FrCL) , as though the person of God were exhausted by the incarnation. Has in himself represents the Greek katoikeo, "to live," "to be at horne" (oikos, "house," "horne"). A literal rendering of the Son has in himself the full nature of God can lead to misunderstanding, for it might suggest that Christ simply possessed God inside of himself.

In no sense, does Paul mean that Christ's suffering and death for the redemption of mankind was not sufficient; what is meant is that in the service of Christ his servants are called upon to suffer as he did; suffering is an integral part of the ministry of Christ's servants, as it was of Christ himself. " Paul's sufferings are ~YSiCal (lit. "in the flesh"), and they are on behalf of the church. ere are two different ways of construing the phrase: (1) Paul's physical sufferings are on behalf of the church: RSV TC NIV TNT NEB GeCL; (2) Christ's sufferings are on behalf of the church: TEV Mft Gpd Phps JB NAB.

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