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By Larry Niven

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Jaybee Corbell aroused from sleep after greater than two hundred years as a corpsicle -- in an individual else's physique, and below sentence of speedy annihilation if he made a unsuitable circulate whereas they have been education him for a one-way undertaking to the stars.

But Corbell picked his time and made his personal stream. as soon as he used to be outbound, the place the Society that governed Earth couldn't achieve him, he headed his starship towards the galactic center, the place the incredible energies of the Universe wrenched the cloth of time and area and promised ultimate get away from his captors.

Then he again to an Earth eons older than the only he'd left...a planet that had had 3,000,000 years to increase perils he had by no means dreamed of -- perils that grew to become nightmares that he needed to escape...somehow!

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Although in the present book I do not engage in close readings of as many of Dick’s works as Rossi, I would likewise suggest that the framework of fabulation as a mode of immanent soteriology developed here may similarly be considered an ‘organic plan’ (Rossi 2011: 3) that could productively be used to examine most areas of Dick’s work. Rossi’s central thesis – that Dick can be understood through the principle of ‘ontological uncertainty’, resulting from the author’s continual struggle to maintain both subjective and objective modes of Introduction 25 accounting for reality, the idios and the koinos kosmos (Rossi 2011: 7) – seems to me entirely apt.

The idea of a soul that is not wholly coincident with the body, like the notion of animist forces that may punish or favour humans’ activities by invisibly controlling aspects of the environment or the actions of others, requires a capacity for believing in the enduring reality of that which has no immediate or substantial material presence. Bergson suggests that fabulation, the capacity for inventing and believing in such entities, forces and ideas, must have co-evolved with intellect, possibly as a function of instinct.

The same ability to reason from observation leads to a third type of threat resulting from recognition of ‘the depressing margin of the unexpected between the initiative taken and the effect desired’ (MR: 140). This apparent primal ancestor of our modern Murphy’s Law (roughly stated, when something can go wrong, it will go wrong) may be conceived as an attitude of rational pessimism – the observation that, when there are countless things that could easily go wrong, failure is virtually guaranteed.

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