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Cute Crochet for infants and tots: 22 initiatives to Make for infants from delivery to 2 Years КНИГИ ; ХОББИ и РЕМЕСЛА Автор: Lesley Stanfield Название: lovely Crochet for infants and little toddlers: 22 initiatives to Make for infants from start to 2 YearsИздательство: Collins & Brown Год: 2005 Формат: Pdf Размер: 5.72 Mb Страниц: ninety two Качество: среднее Язык: английский22 модели, связаных крючком для детей от рождения до 2-х лет. Скачать eighty five

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3. Pinch the wide ribbon into a 3″-wide bow for the wreath top. Tie the narrow ribbon around the center of the pinch bow and the top of the wreath. Knot it and tie a bow. Christmas Trees In the German medieval religious play, Adam and Eve met at the Paradise Tree, an evergreen hung with apples. This was the most likely forerunner of our decorated Christmas trees. Later tree trimmers added fruits, nuts, lighted candles, and paper roses. Now Christmas trees come with an endless variety of decorations, including lights, tinsel, blown glass ornaments, wooden toys, candy canes, molded plastic figures, and a star on top.

Cut out a 3″ diameter ring, 3/8″-wide with a 2¼″ open center. 2. Tie the monofilament line around the ring and knot as a hanger. 3. Using the hot glue gun, attach various seacoast shells — ceriths, periwinkles, and flat snails. Dab glue on the base. Press the shell's large end into the glue with the pointed end outward. The outer shells should project beyond the base and the inner ones toward the center. Fill the entire base. Glue small seashells on a cutout ring base to make the shell wreath. 4.

The most modest are tiny wooden scenes with only the mother, father, and child. In warm climates, such as Mexico, scenes are made of clay, which more accurately portrays what might have been a cave in biblical days. Many cities have full size crèche scenes with animals, shepherds, and even wise men. No crèche rivals in drama the Radio City Music Hall scene with real people portraying the family, the shepherds, and the Magi, accompanied by real donkeys, sheep, and camels. YOU NEED 3″ square silver card stock Two ¾″-wide craft sticks (wide)* Three 3/8″-wide crafts sticks (narrow)* Two 3/8″ wooden circles (faces)* �″ × 1½″ oval wooden piece (baby)* 3″ gold chenille stem 8″ iridescent chenille stem 1½″ gold metal star 3/8″ gold circle bead (baby halo) 24″ gold ribbon Utility knife, glue gun, permanent marking pen *Used in this project: Forster® wood pieces.

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