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By Rakesh V. Vohra

ISBN-10: 0415700078

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This concise textbook provides scholars with all they wish for advancing in mathematical economics. targeted but student-friendly, Vohra's publication contains chapters in, among others:

* Feasibility
* Convex Sets 
* Linear and Non-linear Programming
* Lattices and Supermodularity.

Higher point undergraduates in addition to postgraduate scholars in mathematical economics will locate this publication tremendous important of their improvement as economists.

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The word auction comes from the Latin auctus meaning to increase. An even obscurer term for auction is the Latin word subhastare. It is the conjuction of sub meaning ‘under’ and hasta meaning ‘spear’. After a military victory a Roman soldier would plant his spear in the ground to mark the location of his spoils. 13 Perhaps the most engaging tale about auctions that no writer can decline telling is the sale of the Roman empire to the highest bidder. D. 16 Sulpicanus, father in law to Pertinax offered the Praetorians 5,000 drachmas per guard to be emperor.

A probability vector x is called a steady state vector of A if Ax = x. Use the Farkas lemma to show that every Markov matrix has a steady state vector. 9 Let A be an m × n matrix. Prove, using the Farkas lemma, the following: The system Ax b has a solution if and only if y = 0 is the only solution for {yA = 0, yb ≤ 0, y ≥ 0}. 10 Let A be an m × n real matrix and F = {x ∈ Rn : Ax ≤ 0}. Let c ∈ Rn and G = {x ∈ Rn : cx ≤ 0}. Use the Farkas lemma to prove that F ⊆ G iff 21 there exists y ∈ Rm + such that c = yA.

Notice that λa j ∈ cone(A) for any λ ≥ 0. Thus h · [λa j ] > β. Since λ > 0 can be chosen arbitrarily large, h · [λa j ] can be made smaller than β, a contradiction. Thus h · a j ≥ 0 for all columns j . Hence, y = h is our required vector. Unlike our earlier proof of the Farkas lemma we cannot conclude from the separating hyperplane theorem that when b ∈ cone(A) and A has rank r that there RAKE: “chap03” — 2004/9/17 — 06:10 — page 39 — #7 40 Convex sets are r LI columns of A, {a 1 , a 2 , . . , a r−1 } and a y ∈ Rm such that y · a j = 0 for 1 ≤ j ≤ r − 1, y · a j ≥ 0 for all j ≥ r and y · b < 0.

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