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By Kenneth Hurlstone Jackson

ISBN-10: 0901282944

ISBN-13: 9780901282941

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If we want to couple synchronous-acausal models with diachronic-causal models, then both ends of the seesaw must be occupied by theories of equal weight. At the moment we are handicapped in that the synchronous model is not well worked out and hence a causal model cannot be given its full-blooded extreme expression either, whether reductivist or teleological. What if, having established a synchronous-acausal model, we once again give houseroom to a thoroughly deterministic and causal model? Determinism implies the belief that everything that happens has a cause or causes and could only have happened differently if its causes had been different.

The patient’s memories or the analyst’s reconstruction of the patient’s past alert us to the general theme that is relevant. The patient and analyst explore that theme, especially in the transference-countertransference. The crucial question concerns what it is that analysts are doing when they explore the patient’s past with her or him. As I said at the start, the content of a synchronous model of development would cause no surprises. What is crucial is the pluralistic use to which existing knowledge may be put.

If we were to ask what such imagery ‘looks like’, we would be asking altogether the wrong question, thereby making imagery an analogue of something, as in the first definition mentioned earlier. This is what the Kleinians have done by asserting the bodily cast of unconscious imagery and fantasy. They seem to be on safe ground, and it is true that they have fleshed out one segment of the imaginal network. But it is a highly spasmodic, partial, and challengeable version of imagery, still following the pictorial painterly conventions.

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Aislinge Meic Con Glinne by Kenneth Hurlstone Jackson

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