George Berkeley's Alciphron, or the Minute Philosopher (Philosophers in Focus) PDF

By George Berkeley

ISBN-10: 0415063736

ISBN-13: 9780415063739

Alciphron, or the Minute thinker (1732) is Berkeley's major paintings of philosophical theology and an important resource of his perspectives on that means and language. This version includes the 4 most vital dialogues and a range of serious essays and commentaries reflecting the reaction of such writers as Hutcheson, Mill and Antony Flew. the one unmarried version at present in print, it argues that Alciphron has a extra very important position either within the Berkeley canon and in early sleek philosophy than is mostly notion.

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To judge of the prevailing opinion among people of fashion, by what a senator saith in the house, a judge upon the bench, or a priest in the pulpit, who all speak according to law, that is, to the reverend prejudices of our forefathers, would be wrong. You should go into good company, and mind what men of parts and breeding say, those who are best heard and most admired, as well in public places of resort as in private visits. He only who hath these opportunites can know our real strength, our numbers, and the figure that we make.

3. Euph. The clergy, no doubt, are on all occasions ready to forward and applaud your worthy endeavours. Upon hearing this Lysicles could hardly refrain from laughing. And Alciphron with an air of pity told Euphranor that he 26 THE FIRST DIALOGUE perceived he was unacquainted with the real character of those men. For, saith he, you must know that of all men living they are our greatest enemies. If it were possible, they would extinguish the very light of nature, turn the world into a dungeon, and keep mankind for ever in chains and darkness.

I believe no such thing, answered Crito, but have often observed those of his sect run into two faults of conversation, declaiming and bantering, just as the tragic or the comic humour prevails. Sometimes they work themselves into high passions, and are frightened at spectres of their own raising. In those fits every country curate passes for an inquisitor. At other times they affect a sly facetious manner making use of hints and allusions, expressing little, insinuating much, and upon the whole seeming to divert themselves with the subject and their adversaries.

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