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Армия владык Древней Персии была мощной организованной силой, которая сокрушила в свое время внушительные силы Востока. Основу армии Дария и Ксеркса составляли племенные отряды, действовавшие в соответствии со своими родовыми приемами боя. Персы впервые в мире применили массированно иррегулярную кавалерию. Персидские лучники были великолепными стрелками, предназначенными для уничтожения противника на любых дистанциях. В книге собраны англоязычные статьи, рисующие облик персидских воинов в разные эпохи этого великого государства.

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Slits were also used for ventilation and light. The top fighting platformwith its battlements survives in some sections of the walls. The battlements were decorated and were pierced by arrow-slits situated between pillars. Towers were usually built 15-35 m. apart. They were mostly horseshoe-shapedand projected 4-5 m. from the wall. More powerful towers were used for the gates and the comers of the fortifications. The primary hollow fortifications were well built and elegant but were not strong enough to withstandan attack by artillery because they were too thin: they consisted of a single line of wall, 3 m.

Khodzanijazov,T. 1990. IslamicCeramics,Oxford. Annaev,A. "Novyedannyeo fortifikaciisrednevekovoj istoriivostoka Merva",in Mervv Drevneji srednevekovoj i dokladov epoxa,Tezisy nautchnoj IV Merv seldjukskaja 15-18, AkademijaNauk Turkmenistana,Ashkabad. 1991. Otchet o rabote Sultan-Kalinskoj grupy XVIII NaukTurkmenistana, otrjadaJutakev 1991g. Akademija Ashkabad. 52 JOURNALOF PERSIAN STUDIES coinsof thethird Loginov,S. andNikitin,A. "Sasanian from "Coins of Merv",225-41; century ShapurII from "Sasanian of coins the late 4th-7th Merv", 247-64; centuriesfromMerv",271-96; "Post-Sasanian coinsfrom XXVIII.

The results have proved successful and provide the first detailed study of the fortificationsof a major Islamic city in CentralAsia in 11lth-13thcentury. The main phases of evolution are fairly clear and can be summarisedas follows. 5 m. in width and 1-3 m. in height, or on levelled buildings. The walls were 8-9 m. high and were constructedwith a slight batterto spreadthe weight of the fortifications. The base of curtains and towers was made of pakhsa blocks, above which was the gallery and chamberlevel.

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