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The jaws are strong enough to allow the hunter to drag the prey—which in some cases weighs hundreds of pounds—to a quiet area, where it can eat in peace. If prey animals are not killed instantly, they will fight to save themselves. Hunting animals must be strong to win these struggles. In addition to large jaw and neck muscles, most predators have powerful leg muscles to either chase or restrain prey. Pythons are snakes with powerfully contracting muscles throughout their bodies. A python will kill prey by wrapping itself around an animal and squeezing.

The process is repeated until the chimp has eaten its fill. this procedure may sound simple, but it’s not. scientists who have studied the chimps and tried to do their own termite fishing failed miserably. This female chimpanzee is preparing a stick to use as a tool in fi shing for termites. the hunters 63 animal flesh. Woodpeckers have thick, pointed beaks suited to hammering holes in tree bark in their quest for underground and above ground insects. Fish-eating birds have a variety of beaks, too.

Porcupines are also fond of the underground parts of plants. they supplement their main diet of leaves and fruit with tubers and roots they dig up out of the ground with their strong, dexterous front paws. 46 ANIMAL HUNTING AND FEEDING Animals that eat the leaves off trees are called browsers. Deer and moose are browsers. Most browsers eat mainly tree leaves, but sometimes they also will nibble on grasses and other low-growing plants. Grazing and browsing animals have special teeth to tear plant tissue and grind it down before they swallow it.

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