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Not all families are shown here. 51 REPTILES LIZARDS AND SNAKES WORM LIZARDS AND RELATIVES Squamata Scaly reptiles of many forms, also known as squamates. Males have paired copulatory organs called hemipenes. GECKOS AND RELATIVES Amphisbaenia Species 166 Gekkota Species 1,073 SCLEROGLOSSANS Scleroglossa Squamates that use their jaws rather than their tongue to catch food, and their tongue for smelling. This group includes all squamates except iguanians. SKINKS AND RELATIVES Scincomorpha Species 2,000 AUTARCHOGLOSSANS Autarchoglossa Squamates with highly developed olfactory capabilities involving the tongue and a sensitive scent organ (Jacobson’s organ) in the roof of the mouth.

Lalagobatrachia All frogs other than tailed and New Zealand frogs. They communicate by calling and most have vocal sacs. MEXICAN BURROWING FROG Rhinophrynidae Species 1 CAECILIANS SPADEFOOT TOADS AND RELATIVES TONGUELESS FROGS Pelobatoidea Species 4 Pipidae Species 31 Gymnophiona Limbless, wormlike amphibians that burrow in soil or live in rivers. Some species lay eggs, producing larvae; others give birth to live young. DISK-TONGUED FROGS Alytidae Species 11 FIRE-BELLIED TOADS Bombinatoridae Species 10 POISON-DART FROGS Dendrobatidae Species 164 ANURANS (FROGS AND TOADS) AMPHIBIANS TOADS TRUE TOADS GLASS FROGS Bufonidae Species 505 Centrolenidae Species 146 HYLOIDES FROG OR TOAD?

Eggs hatch into larvae (called tadpoles in frogs and toads) that live in water for an extended period. Larvae undergo a complex transformation, called metamorphosis, in which a number of changes in body form equip them for life as adults in terrestrial habitats. Most importantly, the larval gills are lost and replaced by air-breathing lungs. In frogs and toads, the tail is reabsorbed during metamorphosis and the limbs develop. Skin The skin of amphibians contains glands, is commonly moist, and lacks scales, feathers, or hair.

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