New PDF release: Answering Islam: The Crescent in Light of the Cross

By Norman L. Geisler

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This qualifies as an exceptional advent to Islam which offers the historic and doctrinal necessities let alone a variety of necessary evidence so much introductions pass over. hugely prompt analyzing.

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Kateregga and Shenk, 17. 31. Niazi, 67-68. 32. Kateregga and Shenk, 101. ' Because they are not 'fallen,' they have no need of a savior. But because they are not 'saved' either, they need to do good works—and do them ethically— – which alone will earn them the desired 'salvation. Indeed, "salvation is an improper term, since, to need 'salvation,' one must be in a predicament beyond the hope of ever escaping from it. " So "Islam teaches that people are born innocent and remain so until each makes him or herself guilty by a guilty deed.

Closely related to this image of man as slave and God as the absolute sovereign, is the idea of the limitedness or, according to some orthodox schools, the nonexistence of human freedom. W. Montgomery Watt writes: In the Qur'an and in early Muslim thinkers no use was made of the conception of human freedom. A person was regarded as somehow responsible for his acts (or at least some of them), but there was also a deep awareness of the constraints upon human action. Any idea of human freedom, however, would necessarily have implied a rebellion against the status of abd or slave with regard to God.

The universe is viewed, therefore, as autonomous, in the sense that everything has its own inherent laws of behaviour, but not as autocratic, because the patterns of behaviour have been endowed by God and are strictly limited. 2 As one Muslim author writes, "everything in the world, or every phenomenon other than man is administered by God-made Laws. " Thus, "the physical world has no choice of its own. " 3 Regarding God's creation of the natural order, the Qur'an teaches that "it is God who has Created the heavens And the earth, and all Between them, in six Days" (32:4).

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