Greywater Treatment System

In Chiang Mai, Thailand, we collaborated with the Ha Tanwa local women’s group to design and build a pilot system for the treatment of household kitchen wastewater.

With the goals to better manage open drainage networks, productively and safely reuse water, and decrease the community’s impact on nearby water streams, the project was seen as important to communities in defending themselves against accusations of polluting the canal.

The design was adapted and documented in an instruction manual in both Thai and English, and shared with partner NGOs and communities in Thailand to facilitate its use. We aim to follow a similar process of open knowledge sharing with future projects, and encourage our collaborators to do the same.

As the project was still in its pilot phase, we did not achieve our goal of expanding to the community scale. We also experienced some problems with the system, including the growth of iron-oxidizing bacteria from groundwater, which had a foul smell and appearance. As problems came up, however, we were consistently able to identify cheap solutions, proving the need for a period of close monitoring and good communication with system troubleshooting.


Download the construction manual

Greywater System Instructions (ENGLISH)

Greywater System Instructions (THAI)